MGL50 Purple Circuit Amp Head

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Just a quick overview of the MGL50 Purple Circuit amp head. This circuit is a mix of modded 2204 & Plexi with a great master volume and a switchable cleaner channel with a 2nd master that's very much like plugging into the low sensitivity jack of a 2204. If no cleaner sound needed, we can do the 2nd master as a lead boost. There are 3 real mustard caps in the tone circuit that really give an authentic older Marshall voice. Custom wound Dagnall power transformer & choke along with a paper wound Plexi spec output transformer. Switch on back panel to engage a saturation circuit. Amp comes stock with NOS tubes, 3 - Chinese square getter 12AX7's and a pair of RFT-Siemens EL34 power tubes. Feel free to post any questions or want for more info. There's a more complete listing on the amp site. I'm posting a few pictures and sample demo videos done by Jimmy Burkard.