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Wanted to post a quick overview of the MGL50 Red Circuit amp head. Both of the 50w models share the same power section and the Red Circuit is the higher gain, more modded circuit. Somewhat of a hybrid, with values and ingredients from Plexi, metal panel and 2204 mixed with our own ideas. Great master volume for comfortable "home playing" volumes. Amp comes with 2 master volumes so buyers can choose either a cleaner channel or a 2nd master as a lead boost that's foot switchable. There are 2 real mustard caps in the tone circuit that really give an authentic older Marshall voice. Custom wound Dagnall power transformer & choke along with a paper wound Plexi spec output transformer. Switch on back panel to engage a saturation circuit. Amp comes stock with NOS tubes, 3 - Chinese square getter 12AX7's and a pair of RFT-Siemens EL34 power tubes. Feel free to post any questions or want for more info. There's a more complete listing on the amp site. I'm posting a few pictures and sample demo videos done by Jimmy Burkard.
Some AIC rhythms with the Red Circuit 50 watt head and 25 watt Celestion Greenbacks.
60 reissue Les Paul with a Pariah Pickups Blackheart in the bridge.
I’m just using the iPhone mic here.
A guy was asking me about this amp today; I think looking into possibly getting one. Something i hadnt really noticed until i said it out loud was that when i got it i dialed it in. Took me a little try the switches and knobs. But i havent touched it since. I literally turn it on and play. I dont feel like it needs something or sounds different than it did before. I have never had that happen with an amp
That's really cool to hear and glad you're still enjoying the amp! And thanks for spreading the word. 🤘
Really, the word is spreading by Jimmy's great playing and your great soldering skills, my friend. I have been asked by a few people to make a clip to see if it sounds like what it is supposed to. I haven't been playing lately a whole lot, but i made a quick one.