MIDI In vs Columbus input?


Hi folks. My MIDI jack doesn't feel the most "tight" on my Hagen (or Herbert for that matter). Obvs had years of use being plugged and unplugged all the time. Last night at practice MIDI didn't seem to work, I went wiggling, didn't find anything wrong or loose, then it seemed to work fine. So I'm now slightly worried my well-used MIDI in jack might be getting a bit worse for wear.

Obvs I can get the jack replaced (or try tighten the pins maybe), or maybe find a newer cable to plug into it. But it made me ponder if I could use the columbus jack instead? Obvs MIDI only uses 2 pins (pin 4 = 5V, pin 5 = signalling: 0=5V 1=0V). So I was wondering is the Columbus jack just 2 pins of basically standard MIDI with phantom power on? And so I could make a MIDI cable with an XLR on the end for longer life?

Or is it totally incompatible and this is either the wrong signalling voltage, not a MIDI signal, and/or a dead-end idea?