Most underrated drummer?


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My vote goes to Alex Van Halen. In my 40 or so years of being a VH fan I don't recall anyone mentioning how great of a drummer he is. He has laid down some sick grooves over the years and can get "out there" as much as most. Who is your pick?
it's amazing IMO he doesn't get mentioned more ..... definitely one of my favorites

Ted Parsons from Prong comes to mind for my choice ....


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I'd say Lombardo is pretty highly rated, especially in metal circles...he might be one of the highest rated. One of my favorite concerts ever was him playing with Fantomas. It was totally insane watching him play that stuff in person, he's a machine.
Just my silly sense of humor


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Sure I mention this guy because I went to school with him for a few years, but Kelly Clarkson's drummer Lester Estelle I think is very underrated. Dude was phenomenal even in junior high.


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Bobby Jarzombeck BY FAR. He's a sick MF'r. Halford, Fates Warning, Arch/Mateos, he's up there in my top 3-4. If Rush decided to tour, he's the guy. His footwork is amazing.

Dave McClain from Machine Head certainly gets no love.

Eloy Cassagrande is way up there too. He's without a doubt, the heaviest hitter I've seen.

Pete Webber is another.
Mitch Mitchell for sure.

Matt Cameron doesn't get the hype I think he deserves.

Jon Theodore is relatively unknown and/or an afterthought for most people. He (to me) is the true "heir apparent" to John Bonhman, but in a much proggier setting. Those first three The Mars Volta albums killed, and his drumming had a lot to do with it.

I've recently come to appreciate Chad Smith a bit more.