Music man Jp6. Old vs. New


Hey guys, I've been looking for an unloaded Jp6 for a while without any luck. Other than getting one for cheaper, Im would like to get one with the original custom dimarizos as people seem to prefer them to the CL-LQ combo. I found a store online that has an unloaded brand new one for $1300. I was just curious if anyone had experience with both of these models in order to help steer me in either direction. If they are still on the same level of quality or if the compensated nut and SS frets are reason to go for a newer one? Thanks!


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Think of it this way... It costs way more to refret with SS frets and get a brand new compensated nut than it does to swap pickups, especially since those old JP pickups seem to go for like $120ish for the pair. Don't forget, you can sell the CL/LF combo if you don't like them to recoup some money, too.


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Personally, I like the old JP. Not necessarily because it is a better guitar but because I owned one for 7 years. Great guitar! The old pickups were essentially Dimarzio Steve's Special and Air Norton. You could always mix and match pickups and make it just what you want. Better is subjective. I like basswood body guitars so I would probably go that route (IMO).