NAD Hagen


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I posted over in the main RT section but thought I’d go here as well…

I had a Diezel Hagen for about 6 or 7 years and loved it. Went through a period where I didn't play it too much and traded it away. About a month later I completely regretted it and hated myself for being so stupid. That was about 5 years ago.
I have periodically looked for another one but timing was never right when they popped up. Been seriously on the hunt for about 2 months. Finally a brand new one popped up on Reverb and pulled the trigger on it Thursday, it arrived today (Saturday) at 9:00am.

Just bliss, total bliss. I missed this amp so much, sounds fucking fantastic !!!

Fresh unboxing
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Way Cool!! Congratulations!
The Hagen is badass.
Looks to be in great shape too!
Does it have KT77 power tubes?
Yes, great shape. It’s brand new and came with EL34’s. The one I had years ago had KT77’s. It sounds as I remember though, too long ago to remember any subtle difference if there is any.