NAD... Larry British Purist!


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Received this amp about 10 days ago, and wanted to have some time with it before posting any review.
Sorry, no clips or videos, but I’m planning on doing some very soon.
The waiting time to get this amp is very long, but boy this thing is worth the wait!
The amp is a foot switchable two channels, with a tube buffered Fx loop and an all tube boost with gain, treble and bass.
The first channel is called Classic, and it’s based on the early SLP Marshall, I believe Larry mentioned a 1968, to be more exact. And it delivers that amazing clean and bold tone when at low volume, and punchy and huge tone when pushed above 10:00, where it is already overdriven and extremely loud. It’s called Classic and that’s exactly what it delivers. Stepping on the Boost button on the FS turns on a pre set mid boost that gives you even more midrange punch, and makes the notes that before were already singing with feedback even more fluid. Big chords through this channel is instant AC/DC and Free.
This channel alone makes it worth getting the amp.
The other channel is named Rough, and it’s based on a mid 70’s Marshall with Master Volume. This Rough channel is hard to describe, because it’s one of the most dynamic and harmonically complex master volume sounding amp I’ve heard to date. It’s nothing similar to the Dino, which is a completely different beast. The British Purist won’t give you the palm mute chugging speaker blast that the Dino does, but it’s a very refined, harmonically complex, beautiful sounding amp. You also have the boost on the back of the amp, which consists of a pre-gain knob, a bite and punch knobs. One does tailor the high end, while the other works the low end. Both in its unique way of shaping the tone without making in muddy or overdoing it. You can get an absurd of tones with this channel. I’ve played a lot of classic rock songs and riffs, from Led Zeppelin, to Gov’t Mule, to Scorpions and Accept, and pretty much everything where you could use and amazingly well tuned up late 70s Marshall.
There are also 4 fine tuning switches by the OT that you can use to ad more presence or low end to each of the channels.
I’ll do some clips soon and post them as a follow through of this post. I need to get clips for both amps on the picture.
Making a long story short, this amp is a beast!
MourningEngine":15vm9hjf said:
Congratulations on your new amp. I bet it does sound as good as it looks :thumbsup:
Thanks Markus!
Believe me, it sounds even better than it looks. And it does look amazing!!!
congrats! I'm looking forward to hearing some clips, of both the Purist and the Dino, from you (soon, hopefully)! ;)
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I am very happy for the OP. glad to hear that he is satisfied and I cannot wait for good clips. I will be totally honest and say that I could never justify the price for me personally, but there are no doubts Larry builds a wicked amp. Cheers and HNAD!
Simon Dorn":14ei4loy said:
congrats! I'm looking forward to hearing some clips, of both the Purist and the Dino, from you (soon, hopefully)! ;)
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Yes, we need good clips! Everything out there sounds like ass.

In retrospect, every wizzard MTL clip sounded like ass IMHO. Until I played one, and was blown away.
Congratulations on your British Purist. This amp had been haunting me from the day I heard it for the first time. Truly one of the best amps!
Andor006":85tg21bz said:
I think, its not needed to make studio clip for the presentation of Larry amps, only good player, good guitar and good guitar cabinet.

Mr. Rock Wizard:

For me it was enough to place the order at Larry in 2017. My Rock Wizard is very close to realization.
Really impressive sounds when you take in account, that they haven't been taken with a SM57, a E609 or better mic directly placed on the cab, but with the internal mic of a 200€ video cam placed about 7 feet away from the cab :)