New Gibson Adam Jones Flying V sig


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I'm not really into Flying Vs but this looks pretty badass. Price will be well out of my zip code but guitar. Interesting that AJ specifically wanted 'heavy'.

EDIT: posted wrong link but I'll leave it. The first one is the one I meant to post, it actually has a picture.

From the instaface:
"The overall tone – lows/mids/highs – are amazing,and the heavy body weight also helps me control feedback and sustain just like my vintage LPCs. I played this epic instrument on stage during the last 2022 Tool tour and it sounds and performs killer!"
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my buddy actually texted me last night, apparently he got into his first spat with a tool fan friend of his, said the dude actually got pissed and hung up on him for saying Tool is kind of boring. i guess somehow he wasnt aware this is normal Tool fan behavior.


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and make lots of money while doing it....let the bidding start at 5k....
I've read it may be 10x that. Which is beyond dumb but what do I know. Disregarding resale, I wouldn't pay $1200 for it.
love the reverse burst, not a fan of the headstock. Seeing as how I can't afford it, it's really not a problem :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
I actually love the headstock and always hated the arrow headstock.
I independently hate silverburst
Me too but I kind of like the "verSil" Burst. Still not as good as all black IMO.