New MCII...EL34 vs KT150


Placing the order as soon as I make up my mind which.

Can I still get the kraaaaang out of the KT150 (at least some of it) I'm used to hearing out of the EL34 version?

I know the only way to know for sure is to play through the KT150 version, but none in this neighborhood. Matt has expressed his opinion on this over the phone, and in other threads. And I do appreciate that Matt. You've been a lot of help on that and other things Wizard. Thank you! (y)

Still would be great to hear from others that have both/played through both.

Thank you Wizard people!


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Man. That's amazing. Congrats, bud. I feel almost like I am getting it instead ofyou. When you get it, you can't play for hours
just for five minutes, then tell us everything!


Nice & congrats!! So, about 6 week turnaround time? I'm getting closer to an MTL Mk2 order.
Yes...I was surprised it was only 6 weeks....expected 8 weeks or more. Looks like he's back up to speed from last year.

He already sent me the tracking info.