NEW MGL100 finished! Some quick phone clips.

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Great visit with Jimmy Burkard Sunday-Tuesday. He flew in from LA to spend a few days with us to finish the voicing on the new “Jimmy Burkard” MGL100 amp head. Lots of gear talk and fun hanging out with Evan Cantor myself and a long time local friend, Steve Canty. All 4 of us had a lot of fun playing and listening to the new amp. Here‘s a teaser of some quick phone clips. More demos and a detailed on the amp very soon. Amp should be available to order within a few weeks.

All guitars were plugged straight into the amp. And thru a 4x12" cab with Celestion 25w Greenbacks. Some effects used on certain clips and they were in the amp FX loop. Guitars used: SG and '57 reissue Goldtop both have Gibson 498T bridge pickups, Sunburst Les Paul('52 conversion) real PAF's, stock Fender Custom Shop '57 Relic Strat. Amp setting stayed pretty similar except for the gain. Gain setting were from 3 to 6 depending on the clip.

Some clean channel Strat phone clips of the new "Jimmy Burkard" MGL100 amp. Fender Custom Shop Strat plugged straight into the amp and into a 4x12" cab w/ Celestion 25w Greenbacks. The first 7 clips are all with the clean channel of the amp. And the last Trower clip is the dirty channel with the gain on 3. Effects used were into the FX loop.