Newbie Two Notes Live configuration issue - No sound


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I received my Two Notes Torpedo Live unit today, installed all the software, fixed the infamous Windows driver problem, got everything hooked up, launched the Remote app which recognized the unit ... but there is no sound from the monitors attached to my audio interface when using a guitar.

In the displays on the unit and in the Remote app, I can see that the signal is being received - the "in level" meter registers the signal. Also, sounds originating from my computer are coming through the monitors.

A word about the connections - I'm using a guitar cable to connect the Line Out of the Torpedo to the audio interface input (the one I normally plug my guitar into when recording to my computer DAW). I've seen no indication in the docs that using that cable is wrong. I have a real speaker cable connecting my amp to the Torpedo's speaker in jack, not a guitar cable. Both the Torpedo and the audio interface are connected to my computer via USB. My guitar is plugged into the amp at the usual place.

I have an unusual audio interface - an AKAI EIE Pro, and its analog level/vu meters do not register any signal. I suspect that is the first clue that something is wrong with the setup/configuration of that unit.

I guess that I need to confirm that the audio interface hasn't somehow gone bad by returning everything to its original configuration with the Torpedo out of the picture, and test that to see if I can get the guitar sound to come out of the monitors.

Does anybody else have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance!



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Boy am I embarrassed! It turns out that the only problem was that the cable going into the audio interface just wasn't seated fully. One extra push, and voila, sound.