NGD - MIJ Jackson RR5


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In the early 80s I had Jackson custom build me one of the earliest RR Customs, serial number 261. I regretfully sold it after a hand injury ended my dream of pursuing a career as a pro musician. So I still have that itch but I don't want to spend that kind of money. So I got this '06 MIJ RR5 today. It has EMGs and with the battery there's no room for the tone control. But the seller also included the original wiring harness. I have an @scottosan Roxy set for it so I'll throw that in. The EMGs sound good tho. It feels really good, very light.

Congratulations!! I think you'll really like that guitar!
I do have one, same model and color, that was really beat up when I bought it, almost 20 years ago.
I also did install the 81/85 combo and love the guitar. It intonate and stays in tune like a champ.
Plus, tho it doesn't have nearly as much low end as my PRS CST24 or my home made Kramer 5150, it does track incredibly well, because of the intonation and clarity.
If you find a good one of those they are real gems!
Plus, they look cool as hell!!!!
Congrats Matt! Killer guitar and not too far off a USA…those MiJ Jackson’s are stellar
Thanks Tom! I had always dismissed them but there was a discussion about the MIK ones being quite good but overpriced. Then the MIJs entered the discussion and a lot of flowers being thrown
so I decided to try one. It's a really sweet guitar!
I'm wanting a V next and I'm leaning towards a Sully, Aviator Cutlass, or more likely a Rhoads or Solar V.

I was avoiding Solar due go the recent QC complaints but it looks like they have resolved them but Randy Rhoads was who really got me actually playing guitar. I feel like it's only logical to get a Rhoads. Let me know how the Roxy sounds in it. Whatever V I get I'm 99% sure a Roxy is going I'm it.