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Eddie Van Halen had a long legacy of killer signature model guitars.

Charvel, Fender, Peavey and Ernie Ball Musicman.

If you talk to 50 guitarists and ask them which one is the best, you'll probably get 49 different answers and reasons why.

I've always favored the EBMM EVH. I'm not saying its the best of the bunch, it just my favorite.

As most of you may know the EBMM EVH was made from 1990 to 1995. Eddie left EBMM in 96. The USA production EVH was re-named AXIS, same basic design, moved the toggle, added a belly cut.

At the same time, EBMM marketed and produced the AXIS EX in Japan. The Axis EX was essentially the same as the EVH model. The EX was originally, as I understand, made from leftover EBMM EVH parts that were shipped to Japan and made there, minus the EVH signature on the headstock.

Since EVH's passing, the prices on the EBMM EVHs have gone through the well as the AXIS EX models.

Anyway, I had been wanting to get a EBMM EVH again...i had a few back in the early 2000s. So I took a chance on couple of the EX models to see if the hype about them was true.

I picked up 2 EXs this week. A 2000 Trans-blue quilt (heavily faded top) and a 1997 Trans-pink quilt one piece top (lightly faded top)

Both of them have the same DiMarzio pickups as the USA EVH. Same Gotoh Musicman trem (minus the offset saddles). Same Schaller tuners. Same toggle.

Both are great players!!!

IMG_2682 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr

IMG_2683 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr

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Those both look killer Brent. You should have an HT fuse installed on your Heritage. Mine blew an OT. There's no HT fuse in that amp, at least in mine there was not.


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Those are KILLER GUITARS , outstanding . At first I wasn't a fan of the look but they have grown on me big time , these days I think they look amazing.


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I used to have 5 EBMM EVHs back around 2000.

Back then they could be had for around $1500-$2000. Now they’re $7000. I never tried the EXs back then because the USA EVHs were a great buy.



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Nice! Congrats man. As others said, those necks are just too thin for me. I've tried to get along with them but my left hand cramps up in short order. Great guitars though.

I think EVH sued Grover and Charvel to get them to stop putting the stripes on the Pre Pros. If I remember correctly. Later after Fender bought Charvel they did put some out. Interesting history to say the least lol. I can only imagine what an original Eddie "Lawsuit" pre pro stripe is worth.


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Wow congrats man--what happened to the purple one? I presume you sold it? I have a mint amber Axis and it's one of the best guitars I've ever owned. I bought it two years ago before Ed passed for $1500 -- they are going for nearly double that now.

At any rate, great post and thanks for sharing.


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Congrats Brent... awesome fiddles. Here are my twins. Love them both. Don't ask me why but yep that's a tone knob on my Axis. The guy I purchased it from had a guitar tech put a tone knob in it. Got it years ago for such a great price I just left it alone. Cheers man.


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Congrats Brent! I never played an actual EVH model EBMM but I loved my 2000 EBMM Amber quilt axis that I bought new for $1200 bucks and played the shit out of it for 13 years. It was the only guitar that rivaled my 1983 Kramer Imperial Pacer for number 1 status with me which I also bought brand new in 1983/84. I even bought a tobacco sunburst EBMM axis but I wasn't as good a player as my Amber so I sold it soon after picking it up. Once I found a trustworthy luthier I had my number one Kramer refretted and the floyd reposted and I never looked back. The EBMM axis are very good guitars and the quality control is second to none IMHO.

Eventually even though i like the 1 5/8" nut width neck of the Axis the 10" radius neck had but too much curvature for me and the 6150 frets were a bit too narrow compared to 6100 frets that I absolutely love as well as being used to the Kramers 12" radius through the years. I traded my Axis for a Cameron Ocean amp some years ago. It was still a killer guitar I still kinda miss that it but I bought another 1983 Kramer Pacer Imperial to make up for the loss..............:2thumbsup:

I even had my number 2 Pacer refretted with extra jumbos thinking I would get extra mileage out of them and I absolutely hated them, it felt like I was playing a scalloped neck to me so the took it back to my luthier and had him change them out of 6100 jumbo's... He was a little perturbed on having to pull perfectly good extra jumbos but all was well when I played the 6100's after the swap.:bash: