Marshall Law

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Just got this today. first brand new Les Paul I bought since 1997. It's the Slash model Les Paul Standard. I just restrung it and lowered the action, the action at the 12th fret was 8/64ths. anyway it plays pretty good, sounds good, but some of the tuners and toggle switch need the seams sanded in spots, what grit would be ideal for plastic. actually I have some of those StewMac micro mesh soft touch pads that will probably be just right.



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Congrats! It's a beauty.
The Slash I had played and sounded fantastic. Hope it brings ya much joy.


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Congrats on the new LP!

For the plastic I like to use a pretty aggressive buffing compound for car paint and hand polish them out. Works the same on metal as it does on plastic. Finish up with some polish compound or your microfiber cloth collection to bring back a smooth shine.