NKAPD (New Kick Ass Preamp Day): Mako MAK 4 pics/clip within


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I love this preamp... I've had it on its own with a Fryette 2/90/2 into a Fryette Deliverance, I've had it serialled into a variety of amps as an 'expansion pack' to the amp (VH4, XTC, Hagen) and it is simply a kickass box. The makoplex channel gives me wood. And as for the otherwise non-descript "CRUNCH" channel, man, you heard it right here - that thing can go from Adam Jones'esque tones through to Breaking Benjamin. Brillinat pre - and Dorado is just ridiculous :LOL: :LOL:
I had a modded handwired JTM45 kit from mojo that I had Zach at Titan amps do the Jose mods on. Sounded fantastic but the crunch channel on the mak4 pretty much does the exact same sound so it made the JTM45 redundant at that point.

Andrew's had my original mak4 for forever. He was mid way through heavy mods to it including a gain switch for each channel, bright switches, a master volume (handy for when you're running it into an amp's power section) and a "freak" knob that the MAK2's have.

He got too busy to finish it at the moment so :( Oh well. I'm not exactly suffering.


Make a clip. We need more clips!


Yes, really!

You'll enjoy playing, we'll enjoy listening and watching!

Thank you.

A lot.

From everyone!