No sound out of cab m

I just got the cab m and when I first hooked it up everything worked great. I took a break for a bit and unplugged it and now that I plugged it back in I'm not hearing anything. I can see the meters moving so it's picking up my guitar but there's no sound coming out of the speakers. I'm going from the cab m into a focusrite scarlett 2i2 out to my speakers and computer. Any idea what happpened?

Edit: I plugged my headphones in and they work straight out of the cab m, so something in my computer changed. Anybody have an idea what to check?


New member
Johnny, if you are using a DAW on your computer make sure the CAB M track let's you hear the sound in real time.

If you are using just the soundcard, maybe there is an embedded mixer that lets you hear either the DAW or the incoming signal, and you set it to the wrong value? Sometimes it's a MIX or BALANCE physical knob on the soundcard itself (I don't know your model).