OD's into Smallbox

I love any Klon style pedal with the smallbox. My favorite is the ceriatone centura. But, to be completely honest, I think the smallbox sounds best when running the gain wide open on all channels and riding the volume knob to vary the gain. I feel like I get more bass, less compression, and less noise that way. So many flavors can be achieved on this amp through different drives / settings. One of the best amps ever!
I use a Mythical Overdrive from Rimrock Effects - a Klone. I've had it for years, and used it with many different amps including a Splawn Streetrod, a Suhr Badger 30, a Carr Mercury V, and now my Wildwood Smallbox combo. I've always liked the pedal, but I love it with the Friedman. Sounds wonderful with the plexi channel and the dirty channel.
I've got a Friedman buxom boost, golden pearl, stone deaf pdf-2, and a bogner la grange in front of it. All sound good for what I'm trying to do with them. I tend to use the buxom boost and the pdf-2 the most with the smallbox. Sounds great to my ears albeit a bit noisy with the fuzz, kinda the point though...