On The Road with Blackberry Smoke


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From June 23rd

Dialing in a Voodoo V-Plex for Charlie Starr & Installing a Voodoo Logo on a Marshall JCM800 2204 50 watt we stripped down & installed a Custom Circuit into for Paul Jackson. Photos coming soon

Necropost...I know...however...

Stoked to be finally seeing these guys this week, although it seems they're on to Germino and Orange at this point. They've always been on my radar, yet for some reason I never really dug in 'til recently and am kicking myself for my stupidity. Such good and needed music in our current music world, IMO.

Played along to several Blackberry Smoke tunes the other day through my V-Plex 50 and the tones were right there.

Looking forward to Thursday.
Especially if you haven't seen them, you're going to love the show! While that style isn't what I usually listen to (I consider them to be Southern Rock, definitely NOT Country), but the songwriting and musicianship is incredible. Live, they're much heavier and like to jam a lot.

My advice, if you can, get as close as possible to the stage.