Peavey Ultra 60 - Long Playthrough


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Felt this amp certainly doesn't get enough love on the Youtubes, as demos of it seem to be real scarce that aren't total crap. Not saying mine is amazing, but at least it utilizes proper recording gear? Lol

Put this into the Twonotes Captor, and combined Ola's Hesu 212 IR with a stock V30 IR in Nadir. I think it came out pretty nasty (in a good way)

Guitar used was a PRS SE Holcomb Sig, with the stock Duncan Alpha/Omega Pickups. Boost which is shown is an MXr M&& Custom Modified Badass Overdrive. Nothing else in the signal chain.



I just checked this out. This thing totally slays. Was this the head version of the Rock master preamp? I had a rock master preamp long ago and loved that thing.


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Yeah...these amps rip. Kinda pre 5150 design and the Peavey Ultra was kinda close. It's a solid amp for reasonable price.