Piezo pickups + electric guitar + acoustic IRs + Cab M


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Hi -
This might be a specialty request, but someone might have the solution, you never know.
In short, I have Fishman Piezo Power Bridges in my electric guitars (with stereo jack output). I bought acoustic impulse responses from 3 Sigma. I know they are good, but I just can't dial in a great sound with the Cab M. I'm sure the Cab M is not the problem. There just must be some better way for me to adjust things.
Does anyone have any great advice on this topic? Using EQ? The Enhancer? IR import settings? Other options?


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I think it's just a matter of finding the right settings. Sometimes it sounds thin and agressive, and it seems to vary immensely with the sound system (PA, powered speaker, home stereo...).

I've been experimenting with different combinations, and may be close to good sound for now:
  • It's too harsh with the for-Piezo IRs; rounder but too weak with the for-Magnetic pickup IRs.
    Solution: Low level of Piezo IR on one channel for some "zing"; high level of Magnetic IR on the other for "smoothality". I had never tried this before, and it seems to be decent.
  • Flat EQ on the FlyRig and Cab M
  • About 30% Enhancer, with about 50% Body, 50% Thickness, and 50% Brilliance
  • Hall B reverb at about 30% dry and medium settings for the other options
Since people are always saying that you just need to dial in the EQ, I was hoping someone would give me an easy solution! I suppose I'll just have to keep experimenting. It's a somewhat unusual set up, but very flexible for stage performance with a Les Paul covering all bases. And the Cab M absolutely rules all!!

P.S. I've been doing this using 3 Sigma IRs, and am tempted to try one from WorshipTutorials to see if it's any different.
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