Please Read! Beware - Scam Alert!


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I like to fuck with these people.. I offer to send a "cheque", and send one of my associates to pick it up.

I'll need your Full name
Phone number

Bro KV

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OK, so I've had a look at all of his posts.

Possible negatives
Suspiciously-positive and zero negativity or complaints. This one can go either way.

Joined 7 months ago so didn't race to 50 posts in order to be able to PM advertisers.
Positive and zero negativity or complaints.
No shared IP's with other members.
Zero posts in the Classifieds section.

"Trolling only WTB threads today"?
As I said, zero posts in the Classifieds section. I assume you're referring to PM's then?

His preference for cheques and M.O.'s are his right.
His using public-domain pics or whatever he chooses are also his right as long as they represent the gear being offered.

This is a toughy. Can't say for sure he's an asshole, especially ofter 7 months of positive, non-controversial posting. I'll merge this with the scammer-alert sticky so others or indeed the man himself can add to it. At least it'll be up-there for all to see. That'll have to do for now. Not quite definitive-enough.

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Just went to place his deets in my "suspicious" folder and whaddaya know, I was already "curious" on April 18th.

Had a conversation with him to test if he was a bot. He passed. Didn't seem very forum / tech-savvy.