Powerball 2 switching possibilities with SAC Z9


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New to the forum and with a cursory look at the previous posts I hadn’t seen this particular question come up. I’ve had a Powerball 2 for about 11 years now. I bought it with the Z-9 foot switch and it has served me very well. I’m not a huge effects guy and only used a couple things in front of the amp until now. Recently I have a desire to use the effects loop, is there any way using the Z-9 to switch the loop on and off? Or do I need to buy a Z-4 and plug it into the loop/gate rear panel function? I kind of remember all those years ago when I bought this setup that there was some ability to program the Z-9 buttons to perform other functions but I haven’t been able to find anything useful on the websites or YouTube to walk me through the process.
The z9 manual only mentions the e670 and the preamp as far as special funtions (fx loop, master a/b, etc), but maybe it works with the pb? idk. Otherwise, I would recommend just going full blown midi. Especially if what you're putting in the loop has presets.
Since I posted this, the best I can find is this tech note on the S.A.C function but it’s broad and doesn’t really narrow down my problem. There’s a table that maybe makes sense in Germany in how to program the Function 1 and function two buttons to control other parameters of the amp but after hours of fiddling around with it I kinda lost hope. Maybe someone else would look at this and have it make more sense to them?