Question about pedals with the ecstasy


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Hey everybody! I'm still pretty new here! :rock:

Got a question about running a boost into the 3rd or the 2nd channel of the ecstasy.

Who does it? I would really appreciate input from ecstasy classic owners/users. Since that is what I'm specifically looking at




Yea, there is a lot of stuffy answers there...I have an xtc classic and use the bb preamp on channels 2 and 3. Keep the gain on the pedal off and crank it's volume. I adjust the amps gain to sound like an old cranked Marshall and use the pedal for old school metal, hard rock, screaming solo's. Doing it this way also enables you to use channel three as just a solo volume boost if you need it. The volume pot on the guitar is very effective for getting rid of excessive gain as well. It all depends on what you play and like. :rock:


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Yeah, I'm interested too. What would make the blue channel more aggressive? (and don't say the red channel).


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I have used both the FullDrive 2 and the Tone Freak Abunai 2 in front of the Blue Channel with great results. Usually more as a boost with little gain just to give it a bit more for leads.

The Red Channel would benefit from something like the RC Booster or Demeter Fat Boost that just tightens up for lead tones.

Matt is totally correct. I usually use a rc booster for the red and Tone Freak is coming out with a new pedal that is very aggressive but not over the top that would be the perfect voice for the blue channel


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BB preamp here as well, I like to set the blue channel for Plexi and run it there when the mood strikes me.
I just got the BB last week and I must say it's a great pedal.