Question about the Ampete 444


HI Dave,

I have a question about the Ampete since I'm planning to get it from Rack Systems. If I'm using a combination of master volume and non master volume amps could I use an attenuator between the speaker and the speaker out of the Ampete? Could I also run an attenuator on a non master volume in one of the channels of the Ampete while not using one on another? I have an Aracom Dual Rox attenuator that does the same thing as your attenuator, which has 2 volume switchable settings which I could activate via a Voodoo lab amp channel switcher and if I use it between the cab and the Ampete I could lower the level between the non master volume Plexis and my master volume amp which would solve level issue. Is this unit susceptible to feedback loops(squeal)? I guess it all depend how isolated are the amps in the Ampete.I just want to know before I buy it. Thanks