R.I.P. Forum Member "Splatter"


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Just in case you guys hadn't seen in the COV-19 post, "Splatter" passed away on September 12th, due to complications from COV-19. He had some breathing issues and wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but seemed to be staying positive.

There is a link to his obituary in the COV-19 post. Some forum members were able to do a bit of research based on his address from past transactions, FB posts, etc. and we were able to confirm it was him. I posted something on his obituary page on behalf of his buddies at RT. I wanted his family to know that although we had never met him, he touched our lives. Today I saw something really awesome from one of his posts about his health issues to another member. He said something like "At least I have my guitars, my family, and God". Was a really nice post and I think he was ready for whatever.

I contacted Curt (Chubtone) because Splatter actually has a guitar due to be completed in early December. I wanted him to have a heads up and my hope is that his family will be able to get this one last gift delivered to them. If they can't afford it, I'll pay to have it completed myself and given to his son. I'm sure they will be good to go but we can collect money even to offset, etc. Some of the forum dudes are planning on setting up a collection for flowers so look for that soon if we can pull it off.

It is a really sad thing when a forum member passes. He was a funny guy and so many of us talked shop with him. Although we were not hanging out in person with him, he still was a bro and I know all of us are hoping his family is ok thru all of this. R.I.P.
Well that's terrible news. RIP. Fn COVID...anyone who doubts how deadly it can be, take notice.

Condolences to his family. He will be missed.
What horrible news. Having seen the thread saying he had COVID, I was hoping he would make it through. Praying for his family.
Very sad news. He wrote to me while in the hospital to inquire on an amp I had for sale at the time. Rest in peace brother Splatter.
Crazy! I almost took it for granted that he would likely recover and show back up here on RT. Not that I am not taking the virus seriously but just a reality check on how serious this virus can be. Yet another sad story to add to the list. RIP RT brother Splatter.
Godspeed Tim, may you Rest In Peace

Condolences to the family

Count me in for a donation on the guitar if needed
Rest In Peace. I never met him but I was hoping he could pull through. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones. He loved guitars as much as anyone here - just goes to show you never know when your life could be turned upside down when it’s your time.