Rare B.B. King Shredding Performance


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That would've been sofa-king awesome if it were real. Great deep fake video, someone will think it is real.


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I ad seen this before but had forgotten how fantastic it is. Yes, the quick tune-ups are fantastic, but the facial expressions at just the right moments are priceless.


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i love this sorta stuff... i remember years ago my brother showed me one of Eric Clapton playing, but was overdubbed (obviously) with all sorts of weird noises and gaffs and blunders. hilarious!

here's another that i can't help but snot-bubble to...


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I cried laughing at some of the earlier "shred" videos where they overdubbed terrible playing onto some of the guitar gods. The one for Vai's Tender Surrender was magnificent.

But I think all of those got taken down, which was a major loss for humanity.

phil b

I was at that show!! Later on he was throwing kicks and yes, he did throw his guitar around his shoulder!! great stuff. (y)