Reactive Load IR in use


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Picked up a Suhr RL IR,...pretty cool..

So far I like the results with my 73 50 watt Marshall and Badger 30, sort of underwhelmed when using it with my 66' Princeton reverb, but I suspect that much of the mojo I dig about that tone is speaker breakup, even though I have a Celestion Gold in it.

So, anyone have tips on capturing that speaker vibe of small cranked amps using IRs?...I suppose it's just finding the right IR as a mate?

Also, Right now I'm running from the RL IR via 2 TRS cables into the line inputs on the back of my UA Apollo, the levels seem just fine, I even heat them up a tad with some Neve pre printing levels are good.

Would this be preferred to using the Hi Z inputs on the front of the Apollo or does it matter at all.

Thanks in advance!