Recommend some great delays, verbs and multifx


I've got the bug after picking up a Yamaha D1500 delay. I absolutely love it. Instant 80s. Love that there are no menus and only 16 presets! It's just so musical and uncluttered sounding. And it's midi.

What's next? I'd like a lexicon pcm 70, but prices are pretty steep. Is the mpx1 worth going for, or are there better multi FX at that sort of price?

Sdd3000, sde3000, spx90, another d1500, intellifex... what else should I be looking for that's not too spendy and what to avoid? Are quadraverbs/midiverbs any good?

I got a boss dd500, but meh, it doesn't do it for me like the d1500 did.


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For multi fx, MPX1 is still great IMHO.
For reverbs, PCM 90/91 is king for me, but they've gone up in prices considerably over the last 2 years at least here in Europe. And of course "no menus" and PCM70 upwards doesn't go together :D

If you don't want to spend much, I guess Intellifex would be worth trying, MPX1 if you find a good deal.
Dedicated units for each fx type might get you better sounds but are much more involved in integrating them and more costly.
Thanks maxF. I picked up a lexicon mpx100 for £40, it's really not too bad for what it is, and it's tiny.

I also found an spx90 and a Roland sde2500. The Roland is v nice, but has a max delay of 750ms, not as separate sounding as the d1500. The way its delays stand apart from the dry signal is exactly what I've wanted for years. Just wish it wasn't so physically big.

Early reflection on the spx90 is ok, but not much else apart from symphonic imho. Mpx1 might be worth checking out then as I'd like a compact live rack 2u setup, but wondering if it would actually sound significantly better than the mpx100? I see these up for sale at around the £200 mark.
I have the same experience with the SPX90 - Symphonic can be nice, rest ist just okay or meh.
Yes, MPX1 would be a step up compared to MPX100 - it will sound better and be much more powerful regarding different effects, tweaking sound and doing fun stuff with modulators, LFOs etc.
Yeah, spx90 was really fulfilling a dream on behalf of 16yr old me, it was unobtanium at the time. Funny how things play out, still looks cool though.

Detune, chorus, reverb and 2nd delay would be main duties for the mpx1. Does it allow patching in of external FX? I'd like to use the d1500 as the main delay but before reverb and after mod. 2u means no mixer.
Just got an 8u rack to house everything along with a 1u behringer mixer so I've been able to do quick direct comparisons.

The delays on the SPX90 aren't too bad at all, I was surprised. The only annoyance is there's no pan control, you have to connect the L and R outs to get both delays. AFAICT the Delay L, R feeds the Left into the Right, and Stereo Echo is just two sepparate delays for each channel.

There is something to be said for lo-fi when it comes to reverbs and delay. Can't get the MPX100 reverbs to work with the gtr, they're either inaudible or too loud. The SPX90 is grainy as hell, but it sits behind the gtr just right.