Recordings with the VH4


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Since I have been getting some messages in rigtalk about some videos that I've posted before asking about the VH4 settings, signal chains and what the VH4 can do etc (btw thanks for the kind words by some of you guys :) ) I thought of leaving here two links for two mini-albums (metal/heavy rock) that I have recorded using only one amp, the Diezel VH4. Everything is played/singed and mixed/mastered by me, so if you have questions on gear used I am glad to answer, if I remember...

VH4 onto two notes torpedo live for the whole record:

VH4 onto Palmer PDI-03 for the whole record:

P.s. I am not searching for spotify plays but this music is not on youtube nor soundcloud, so I have to leave the spotify links. It is also on itunes etc