Renegade problems


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I've got a Renegade 112 combo that died on me the other night right before a gig...symptoms are;
1. Jewel on-light dead
2. Power tubes glow (had them tested and one 6l6 was bad, so replaced change)
3. preamp tubes seem to not glow, but I've read that sometimes it's hard to tell....they are not warm to the touch, and I replaced each one with a good tube to check, and no change.
4. I used a multimeter to check all the fuses, and they all checked out okay....not sure if I found them all, but I looked serveral times to make sure...even found the one in the ac outlet.
5. The fan will not work....checked connections...still dead.

Any suggestions?


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What Bruce said. I don't know if this amp has one, but the Renegade has a fuse for the 12V. Make sure you find that if it had one.


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I also have the Egnater Renegade 112 combo. Was playing it when a substantial bang came from the amp, followed by a small amount of smoke exiting the right side. I took it to a tech where I live, and he said the power supply circuit board blew. In his own words, he did not want to check into it any further, as it was so congested, and miserable to work on. I would like to get the amp repaired, as the cabinet is in near mint condition. I live in BC Canada. Any suggestions?


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So I have this Renegade 65 head i bought used knowing it had a bad input transformer... I had it replaced and worked great for a while... I now have a new issue with very low volume on the clean channel... I have checked and tested every component... I have signal chased through V1 through Relay1 through C5, C6, R7, C7, C10, C11... I have great signal to that point.. Behind C7, c10 and C11... I have a massive signal drop... By the time it gets to R11 its very low... I have tested all Pots in the tone stack along with corresponding caps and resisters... Can someone please turn me onto a Service sheet for this amp so I know what voltages should be where!!