Selling my Torpedo Studio - are there security issues?


New member
Hey everyone, looking for some specific Torpedo tech/data knowledge here. I bought a Torpedo Studio a few months ago and am now planning to sell it. Is there a process I need to go through to set it back to factory, remove my details, etc? Does anyone else using it have access to my two notes account and license, and are there any issues with selling on in that regard (like the new owner not being able to active wall of sound, or something like that?) All that side of things was of no interest to me when using it so I can't really remember how it works, and would like to avoid issues when selling of the "oi it doesn't work" variety. Thanks in advance! Dave


If you or the next owner has an issue, please submit a ticket on the Two notes helpdesk. It will be easier to solve the issue through our ticketing system than on Rig Talk.