Seymour Duncan Recommendation Needed

Howdy gents! I have a BC Rich Bich 10 string I'm going to send off to Neal Moser so he can work his magic on it. The stock pickups are crap in it. Very shrill. It has always been my plan to swap them out but I'm not sure what would be a good match with this guitar. I'm going to go with an SD of some sort. I'm scared a JB might be a bit shrill as well. So I'm thinking a Custom or a Custom Custom might be good pickup for the guitar. I wanted to get your opinions before I made a selection. I play down tuned metal. Doom to be exact. Think a heavy dose of Sabbath with a touch of Rush. I run Lace pickups in my other guitars but I'm wanting something a bit different with this one. The 2 amps a mainly play are a Roadster and Ceriatone Yeti. Thanks for the help.



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I really like the Duncan Custom. The Custom Custom is very hit or miss for me. It has to go into the right guitar and most guitars I have tried it in have not been the right guitars.


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If you are going with Duncans, I'd have to say the Parallel Axis PATB-2 Distortion bridge and the Parallel Axis PATB-1n neck model.
The PATB2 Distortion bridge is fat, juicy and tight with a really nice grind. And it rips and sings for soloing.
It's got the best qualities of the JB and the Distortion bridge rolled into the one pickup and is great for warming up a bright guitar.

And the PATB-1n neck is my fave Duncan neck pickup by far.
It's very good at clean tones, but really shines when playing with high-gain.
That's when it becomes a liquid sustain lead machine.

Run them together in the middle pickup position for a more raunchy rock tone.
And add coil-splits to get even more versatility from them.


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I have used (and currently use) a JB in the bridge of my Les Paul. It's not too bad at all....not amazing though. I used custom customs before and have one in a bright guitar....their good but the guitar needs to be bright sounding for them to shine....other wise they are kinda dull. I'd say try a Custom in that Rich.

Whats the name of your any youtube videos up or anything for me to check out? I love that genre so much....i played guitar in the band Sheavy for a number of years. :rock:


I put a Custom the bridge position of my Explorer to replace the bright, thin-sounding Burstbucker Pro that came in it, and I really like it so far.


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just to add to the loads of options put forward so far ... as maple is the largest part of the guitars make up I would consider a dimarzio air zone. Have one in an all maple (neck, body fretboard) guitar and it sounds fantastic...good bottom end with lots of bite while still being "open" sounding


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I have either JBs or Customs in all my guitars. I wouldn't call either of them shrill although i feel the customs have a bit more treble. They are both excellent pickup for Rock!
Rezamatix":sjs4zgg0 said:

Damn Reza! That's the first I have seen of that one. Really nasty (in a good way). Maybe even a bit too much :D But I can see one going in my SG :rock:

Thanks everyone for the help! I think I'm going to go with the custom bridge/59 neck.


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I've had all the Duncan Customs, Custom, Custom Custom, Custom 5, Custom 8.......and my fave is the Custom Custom.....warm and lively in a Schecter Solo 6 (think Les Paul)....the Custom is always the safe bet but the Custom Custom is a bad ass pickup.....the 5 is also another good pickup for Doom as it's not overly tight and not shrill...