Shawn lane at 24.

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Health and death[edit]​

Lane had psoriasis throughout his life. After age twelve, he also suffered from psoriatic arthritis, which caused stiffness in his joints and after 2000 was affecting his ability to play guitar (Lane stated that with proper rest he could still play live gigs, etc.).[1] Lane had treated his psoriasis with hydrocortisone for many years, which caused his weight to increase, further loading his joints. The required usage of cortisone over time resulted in him having Cushing's syndrome. Consequently, he backed off taking cortisone, but then the psoriasis would flare up, and he would need prescription pain killers to deal with the unremitting pain.[1] The symptoms of his condition and the side effects of the medications created a vicious circle. Complicating matters, for many years Lane did not have medical insurance coverage.[1] In 2003 he started having difficulty breathing and was told that he would have to remain on medical oxygen for the rest of his life.[5]

Lane died in a hospital in Memphis on September 26, 2003 of lung-related illnesses.[2][6] His body was buried at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Memphis.[7]

He wasn't a large guy but the steroids packed on the weight. Combine the side effects from those and the underlying illnesses he had, and no health insurance, and he was fucked. Poor kid. What a huge talent.


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i spoke with danny gatton's mom shortly after he passed. she shared what happened and it was pretty sad. i really regret not seeing him live when i had the chance. gary moore too....:aww:

some cool shawn stories from bob gitka

was there more to the story than what was told?


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I never listened to a lot of Shawn Lane because he's just too good for my brain and ears to comprehend :ROFLMAO:

The clip OP posted was a masterpiece of technical prowess and tasteful melody packed into one monster of a solo. Anyone know where to find a full clip of that song?