Sold Bogner/Zuta 25 1375.00


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Excellent condition Zuta 25 head made in Macedonia by Bogner. For some reason Bogner had a falling out with the company and gave the rights to them to keep making the head this amp has all the components and circuit boards of the bogner 25 I played a Friends bogner 25 and there’s no difference. Three channels the clean channel has a bright switch gain bass treble and presence controls. Channel 2 is much like on my bogner 101B as between seven and 10 the gain gets very chewy and thick . Channel 3 goes from there and you could do great palm mutes and chugs on channel 3 and play liquid solos both channels have a boost on the floor pedal there also is a vintage mode which is plexi-ish or and a dynamic switch which changes the gain structure and tone. Fx loop has a return knob And there is a virtual mic out with position and access knobs to run direct to PA. Amp has more than enough volume and new was $2500. I’ve had all the Bogner gain model in the amplifiers and this one is awesome. 1375.00 shipped with PayPal “help”


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