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Selling my mint Modern Classic II 100W (EL34) amp I got in June of this year. I'm the original owner. Has left my house once for band practice. Tubes probably have around 15 hours on them.

This amp has the Black Cat mod installed on the Rhythm Master knob. If it's pulled out, it cuts some low end and adds more gain to the channel.

Comes with power cable and single-button footswitch.

Selling for $4575 shipped + insured CONUS via PayPal.
Available locally in San Diego.

Considering these trades (with appropriate cash:)
  • JCM 800 2203x
  • Diezel VH4 (recent year preferred)
  • MGL 50 High Gain


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Man this is very tempting, wanting to try one of these. :rock:

Do eeet! Not everyone's grail tone, but as close as I've ever come for mine. I've been through 35+ amps including 6 Wizards (three 100w MCIIs) only to come full circle back to an MCII and realize it's the best feeling/sounding amp I've owned. Takes boosts like a fucking champ making for some extreme versatility.
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