Sonicake's 5th Dimension


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Sonicake’s 5th Dimension is a Swiss Army Knife of pedals. These multi-effects pedals have been around for a while, but the affordability of the 5th Dimension certainly makes it ideal for those looking to access various modulations in their most basic form. Contained under the aluminum alloy chassis is a phaser, two types of flanger (classic and jet), two types of chorus (Jazz amp and stereo), two types of tremolo (liquid and optical), rotary, vibrato, auto-wah and a lofi (bit crusher).

These modulations are controlled by three knobs. The Mix controls the effect level. Depth determines the extent of the effect (from subtle to more boisterous). The Rate determines the effect’s speed (although the footswitch can be used as a tap tempo). Obviously, each effect has a broad range, whereas I demoed only one setting on each.

The quality of each effect is very decent; very clear and low noise. Now, the Lofi on the 5th Dimension is not as good or as versatile as Sonicake’s Wave Crush, and for understandable reasons, since the Wave Crush is dedicated to Lofi sounds, but if you want a ‘taste’ of Lofi in your music, then it does the job. The same is true of the Phase, Flange, etc., in that a person looking to have a basic taste of an effect, without needing all the bells of whistles of more flexible stand-alone pedals, the 5th Dimension is a viable option and can go head-to-head with other such pedals in its category and price point.

And that, really, is the only downfall of the 5th Dimension. If you are an avid phaser user, then you likely will invest in a phaser that can do more or have more voicings, etc. However, most players dabble in various effects, used here and there for the occasional song or composition, and the 5th Dimension saves a lot of pedal board space while providing eleven modulation effects at your fingertips and when you do need them. Ideal for studio use, when you need a particular sound that is digitally clear, it works with bass and keyboards, as well.