Soon to be new Les Paul owner question.


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Hey Les Paul guys. I'm finally getting my first Gibson. 60s profile Les Paul Standard Unburst. The guitar is going to come with 10-46 strings in Standard tuning. I like tuning a half step down. Is that going to cause an intonation issue? Should I be able to go back and forth from Standard tuning to a half step down without having to intonate? Sorry for my ignorance but all my other guitars are Floyed based and this is my first fixed bridge. Thanks.
Congrats. I hope she's a keeper!! Once your intonation is "set", going up or down in steps/tunings won't make a difference. Intonation is based on string length from nut to bridge - once you've got your perfect pitch with open strings and their related 12 fret (middle point) harmonics tuned - you're game on.

Now, keeping that G (and often the B) string in tune is another story 😂

It's alright, you get used to it... Lesters can be a finicky bunch but man, once ya gel with 'em, there's nothing like 'em.

Hope ya love it!!
Rock the shit out of it :rock:


10-46 is a good place to start for eb or e. When you start learning it more 11-48 or 10-48 might work better. I like 10.5-48 too. The guitar matters.


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I use 9-42 on all my other guitars. This is going to be my first 10s guitar so I figured being Im tuning down a half step it will make the 10s strings easier to bend.
With the shorter scale, 10-46 will feel fine to you even down a 1/2 step. I have 4 LP's and they are all standard or half step down with a drop C lol. All fine.

I've tried larger scale strings and yeah, they're more beefy and you get used to the tension but "for me" they don't have the cut or tightness of the 46. In fact even on my PRS and super strats, I've gone to 10-46. Good all around string gauge for me.

Other note - you can also increase the string tension a bit based on the height of the stop tailpiece.


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Some people actually increase the string gauge to compensate for lesser string tension when tuning 1/2 step down.

Say you normally play 9-42 at standard... to retain a similar string tension step it up to 10-46 or so.

I personally enjoy the lesser string tension when tuned 1/2 step down but the chugga chugga guys like their tighter string tension so YMMV...:unsure::p