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Photo credit: Glen La Ferman

This young man Nick DiPerna Stone Tone Artist playing his Mr Scary custom built Guitar by George Lynch with a 37mm Stone Tone sustain block installed of his Floyd Rose bridge..
I manufacture custom contoured blocks to any spec like this one for an Ibanez edge Lo Pro. No matter the thickness the contours and bevels help give the player all the room they need to pull up or dive while retaining maximum mass for optimum performance without any routing.
The 31 & 41mm Edge Lo Pro blocks are the ONLY BLOCKS to have the Stone Tone Logo on the back since the front is contoured so you can pull up besides the visability is cool. There have been several artists thats requested to have the logo Laser'd on the back of several other blocks that have the logo laser'd on the front. Any block can have this done as a special request when ordering @
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More blocks headed to Floyd Rose.. November 19th 2023 was my 10th year with Floyd Rose and I've manufactured just over 3,000 by hand by me 100% in the USA 🇺🇸... It's time to hire some help..