Studio volume problem vs Suhr


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I am starting to record with a local engineer that uses the Suhr Reactive load and we are doing A/B tests vs the Studio to look for the desired tones.
To make the comparison more equal the Suhr and studio were run into the two notes WOS which had the same amp and settings making the Suhr and studio load boxes essentially.

The recorded Suhr reactive tracts are much louder (with no clipping or issues) then when we try to record the exact same guitar/amp set up with my Studio. We have to push the Studio input to high yellow and outputs to high yellow/red line to get the same volume as the Suhr into the DAW. He said it's like there is at least a 10db hold on the studio or "like it is only sending a commercial grade (not studio grade) signal out" to the DAW.

With my novice recording skills, I always thought that the Studio volume has been low when I've tracked at home - needing to really push amplifier and Studio input/output gain to match the Neural DSP plug-ins volumes I have been doing scratch tracks with.

What am I doing wrong or missing? Did I accidentally push a dampen or dB cut button somewhere or something similar?

Hope this makes sense as a question, thanks.


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Hi Drkorey,

I feel that we already answered you somewhere else.

the typical recording level you should work with is -16dB FS, and the Torpedo Sudio specs are referenced in the manual:

ANALOG Outputs 2 x XLR balanced
Impedance: 600 Ohms balanced, 300 Ohms unbalanced
Maximum output level:
• (no load, balanced:) 11.2 dBu
• (10 kOhm load, balanced:) 10.7 dBu
• (no load, unbalanced:) 5.1 dBu
• (10 kOhm load, unbalanced:) 4.9 dBu

It's perfectly compatible with a studio environment, and more importantly, rather than the absolute level you should look at the signal/noise ratio, and the Studio ha a very low THD noise level. Having a high recording level means nothing if the noise is high, too.

You can push hard the Studio input before clipping, we designed the bragraph to keep you away from clipping the input (that's called the headroom), so even going to the orange zone is safe, it totally depends on how dynamic your amp is.

Finally, the Suhr has a 1/4" output, so I guess you go into a line input, but do you plug the balanced XLR of the Studio into a mic or line input in your desk? have you tried the digital outs?