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I've spent some time searching for appropriate threads - only those relating directly to lost members' deaths, the lead-ups, if any, and pic / tribute threads.

It'd be too-messy to include the general stuff; it's part of the RT knowledge base and may help others where it currently lies anyway.

Hope you guys like the sub-forum.


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Hey. Forum member hero Ben Wise passed about a decade ago. I still think about him from time to time. Maybe move the thread below here?

Also, forum member Jer (Jeremy Solomon) passed from cancer in 2018. I’ve been helping Jeremy’s widow help sell off his collection over the years (with more still to come). Jeremy was a massive gear whore. Had like five Cameron’s (all sold, sorry), bunches of guitars including Tom Bartlett’s, Charvel’s and Gibsons.

Monkey Man

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Thanks Dave.

I've moved Ben's thread into the sub-forum.

You're welcome to create a thread here in memory of Jeremy of course. Sounds like you should be the one to do it brother. ;)