Telecaster Hardtail conversion Help


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Need a little help, I took one of my Tele's and pulled the bridge pup out, so I could
Install a humbucker, my question is, has anybody done this but installed a hardtail instead
Of the Tele humbucker bridge plate?
I don't want to use one, but if I can't use a hardtail I'll use
The plate thing.
Also, how close to the saddles can I put the pickup before it sounds


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1. The metallic bridge plate is part of what gives the Tele its unique tone and attack response. Changing that may be your intent, I don't know?
2. Depends on the pickup... Adjust pickup height to your personal taste.


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I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say "hardtail". The guitar is already a hardtail, meaning no trem. Do you want to change out the original plate, saddles, and tailpiece for something else? There's routing under the plate that may not be covered by a pickup ring and different tailpiece. I think I'd just get a tele plate designed for a humbucker, which sounds like it would answer your second question at the same time.