The Count....with the band Red Wolf heavies tune....


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Music was OK but didn’t care for the vocals. But never cared for screamo vocals. I prefer death metal lower register vocals and stuff like Barney from Napalm when listening to those kinds of vocals. Someone like L-G was awesome because you could understand what he was singing/growling out. Miss that son of a bitch.


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I thought the main riff was pretty ripping myself and the song structure kept things interesting throughout the tune.


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He's using a different stick than the typical so maybe they were going for that?

In any case, I like this one and the guitar tone is killer.
My brother who is a great drummer and been active in the music scene for years has a few different snares that sound like that. I think Alex Van Halen and Mike Portnoy had similar snare tones. Shit my brother has a bunch of Brass snares drum and whole host of other ones, it's like us changing strings or pickups.....:p


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This was pretty ok. Who the duck was the guy that popped up to rip the sock lead and then dip out??

This was pretty “meh-tastic”… reminded me of Bullet For My Valentine
That was the singer who popped up for the solo. He’s a pretty good guitar player too.