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I made this for someone else to help simplify the menu a bit so I'll just paste it here. I'm not a dealer and have no affiliation with Splawn so I'm not trying to sell you anything FYI.

Nitro - 100w (KT88s) - 2 channel - kind of its own thing. Can also be ordered with EL34s
Nitro SS - 50w (EL34s) or 22w (6V6s) - shared EQ 2 channel - lunch box or combo - Gears*
Quick Rod - 100w or 50w - 2 channel - original circuit - Can also be ordered with KT88s
Super Sport - 50w (EL34s) or 22w (6V6s) - shared EQ 2 channel - head or combo
Competition - 50w (EL34s) - single channel version of QR - can also be ordered with 6v6s
Street Rod - 40w combo version of the QR
Pro Mod - since retired - Quick Rod with KT88s
Super Comp - since retired - Single channel Nitro
* I think the web site may have a typo as I don't think the Nitro SS would have Gears.
Gear 1 = Plexi
Gear 2 = JCM 800
Gear 3 = Hot rodded JCM 800

Seems a bit confusing. That only really becomes important if you are buying a used one. If you buy a new amp from Scott you can pretty much bank on whatever combo of things you want from above, in a custom headshell with custom tolex. He now also offers the options of B+ switch, mid cut switch, old new switch.

Kmanick - has a good review of this too - maybe he will post it. :yes:


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Directly from Scott
"As for the difference in amp models. I basically only have two amp circuits, the Quickrod and the Nitro. Everything else is a scaled version of those.
The Prostock is 100 watt single channel OD section of the QR
The Competition is 50 watt single channel OD section of the QR
The Super Sport came later which is the most popular features of the QR in the smallest size. It has no solo boost or 3rd gear and the EQ is shared between the two channels. The controls are laid out like a SLO but the circuit is still a Splawn and not a Soldano.
The Streetrod is the QR in a combo.
The QR and Prostock 100 watt are only available in the Full size box
The QR 50 can come in the mid size and the full size
The SS and the Comp can come in all three box size""
**** You can get the solo boost and a 4 button footswitch for the SuperSport if you order it that way. Scott usually uses one of the Speaker outs to do that so you end up with only one Speaker out, but I asked him to keep both on mine and he did.

Mid scoop and new/old switch as well. Fully loaded :)
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