The muscle’s of Van Halen

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Hey you!
Man, just jamming to whatever YT mix would throw at me and suddenly the basement begins to cascade..big AVH with that welcoming wind-up,
Michael Anthony is a hell of a musician,he’s literally connected to AVH’s drumset, so solid and steady
and he know’s just the right places to emphasize
or double-down..he’s not a bass player,
-he’s a bass guitar player.
Now add-he’s literally three back-up
singer’s in one.
And then there’s the WICKED one..,
Dude’s, he solo’s like a real lead guitar player,
-no additional guitars tracked underneath for rhythm & shelter,
-he’s WICKED, goes in RAW,
fucking comsnche style,
-slices & dices the airwaves up, with the only thing left is the band emerging to kick a whole lot more ass…
DLR, I’m still not sure about that dude,
He’s a mind boggling match for Eddie’s guitar
Top of the day to ya!!

You guys need to watch this YT clip VH stories #21 there a lot of words but this dude goes into some amazing shit meeting Ed. Just tolerate the small stuff and he hits on some real power of the man himself.
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79-82 has my favorite VH metal moments. There’s so many heavy sons like light up the sky , loss of control ,mean streat and my fav hang ‘em high . DOA has it too .
I'm not. It wasn't that but in that there is always something tangible to learn and life is about learning. If you want to ignore that aspect who am I to tell you what to do.
Jerry did one of those Ernie Ball Icon interviews and was talking about a time early in AIC when Ed came over and gave Jerry a few cabs and guitars.