this riff!!!!! whoa!!!

At leat these guys have a strap...thats a bonus...

Just a question...would you pay money to see and hear this...??
Cause I wouldnt....
This isn't a Concert. Are you New? MOST Play throughs are people sitting in chairs. you sound like an angry 16 year old. it's sad.


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The problem isn’t these new generation guitar players. They’re all great. The problem is over reliance on programmed, quantized and gridlocked to death backing tracks. I’d wager most of these new guns would sound more ‘human’ if paired with a real badass rhythm section because jamming with others forces you to adapt and change your approach, however subtle. That alone will bring out more individuality. Conversely, I believe many legendary feel oriented players (eg Gary Moore, Hendrix, EVH, SRV, BB King) would come across as less impressive if the backbone of their most famous work consisted of dated, cheesy sounding drum machines and sequenced bass tracks.


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I expected to come in and defend this riff but it was big meh to me, this style bores me to pieces after about 20 seconds and it’s even more lame live 🤷