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That's very sad, guy who was living a small piece of the dream weekend after weekend and a family man. I thought the recent posts sounded positive about beating the cancer but I guess as we have heard before, it finds a way to creep back in. RIP.


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This one hit hard. I began conversing with Todd here on RT about 2008. Primarily discussing the “new” 5153 amp as we were both one of the first here to regularly gig with it. I never really befriended anyone over the internet but you could just tell Todd was super cool and genuine. His early band went by the name Victim, hence his original name Victim5150. We eventually became Facebook “friends”and members of the same Facebook gear groups. I remember when he first took the gig with Ozz (about 2014?). The initial clips he posted were incredible. He and the band killed it. I followed his career and always enjoyed watching the clips of the band, congratulated him on his marriage and occasionally discussed anything Star Wars. He had a killer Darth Vader costume and he played the part perfectly with his height and build. I remember a few years back we discussed the specifics of his costume as I was always interested in putting one together now that I have kids. We would also occasionally discuss his tone, playing and gear; though the gear discussions trailed off once he went Fractal as I stayed with tube amps. His tone almost had me purchasing an AX8 though lol. It helped having someone like Todd to discuss the loss of EVH. He really liked the video of Ed talking to the camera telling everyone to “keep playing”. When Todd first got his diagnosis one of the main FB groups that we were a part of began selling t shirts and proceeds went to him. He was blown away by this and extremely grateful. High profile players began purchasing and wearing the shirts, players like Phil X and Andy Wood. What really blew Todd away was when Zakk Wylde learned of his health crisis he sent Todd one of his main touring guitars. Zakk was a big fan of Ozz and would regularly comment on the clips Todd would post.
I found myself not wanting to look at my phone the last two weeks because I knew the bad news was coming and I’d likely see a FB notification. I never would’ve guessed I’d ever experience this with someone I've never actually met.
The guitar community has taken a hit with his passing. I can only imagine how his close friends and family are taking this. RIP, Todd
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Ow wow, so sad to see this. I always enjoyed his posts and clips. I moved to the Texas area and one of the first things I did was look up dates of his band gigs hoping to catch a show. I usually would never do that for a cover/tribute band, but he played that material so well and seemed like a great dude. Damn.

Dino 939

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Man at 50, the letter C should be the letter A
in the alphabet.
Meaning it’s always freakin’ cancer.
Lost my Mother, Grandmother two days apart
and my best friend and lifelong bass guitarist to cancer all within a few months.
So hard when the beat would drop and
“The gravy without the train” on bass guitar is not thumpin’ something up over there..,,
I tried to call my Mother but….

Sounds like we lost one of the good ones,
Much love & healing to his family and friends.