Torpedo Captor with Marshall YJM, problems with distorted sound. Help plz


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Hello, I recently bought Marshall and Captor 16 Ohm. Tested head with cab - everything good, sound as it has to be.

To be short, I connected everything as it should be according to manual, impedance good, tubes good cables good, installed Wall of sounds. And sound was just awful... At low gain it was bearable to play but... High gain it was terrible. To describe: no bottom end at all, not tight sound, very "watery" sound...

Tried all: external ds-1 to boost, different outputs (line + di), shorter cables different audio interfaces (irig pro to Ipad). On the internet it sounds good btw, I'm confused and frustrated...

Funny thing that I have Rivera Venus recording (with integrated load box) and it has exactly the same problem as now! But on the real cab it works at it has to be!

Does somebody has experienced the same problem?
Thank you very much for your time!


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Dilan - Two notes

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Hello @Dmitriy

We are in touch directly with you through the Two notes helpdesk. It is easier to follow your questions there as I can have the technical team to look at your ticket there. Kind regards.