Torpedo Remote Software (no audio out)


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Recently got a Torpedo Captor and original CAB box. For some reason when I am trying to use the Torpedo Remote program to set my presets on the CAB I am not getting any audio out to hear the guitar. The line levels inside the program are moving, indicating that it’s getting the signal. When I open Pro Tools it works just fine there, so the chain is correct. I just can’t seem to find anywhere to select an output source in the actual remote software. My interface is my default sound device on my desktop, just as a note, so that shouldn't be an issue either.

Any clue what may be the case here? Thanks!


Hello Bradley

to send signal from the C.A.B to your interface, you need to connect the line output of the pedal to one of the interface's input. The audio signal of the C.A.B can only be sent through the analog output of the pedal.

Torpedo Remote is an editing and controlling software for the C.A.B. You can edit all the parameters of the unit, as well as control the level coming in and out of the pedal (to avoid clipping for example). However, there is no audio transiting through Torpedo Remote. The Torpedo C.A.B is not an audio interface, sending audio signal through the USB.