Torpedo Studio Inputs & Loadbox


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Just want to double-check something before potentially melting my amp...

With the Torpedo Studio, is the loadbox still active when using the Line inputs? The main goal is silent home studio recording while trying to keep the wires to a minimum and use some stereo FX.

Here's what I'm thinking of trying.

Amp Head Speaker Out > Torpedo Speaker Input

Amp FX Loop Out > Stereo FX > Torpedo Analog Line Inputs

With the Input on the Torpedo set to Line I'll then process the output from the FX in the Torpedo

Will this work without damaging my amp? I realize using the FX after the Torpedo may be a more typical setup, but in my current situation, it has some extra challenges I'm trying to avoid.


as long as Torpedo Studio is powered, the load box is active and working. so your amp is protected even when using the line inputs.