Torpedo VB-101 USB Windows 10 Issue


New member
Hello! I wanted to update the firmware of my trusty old VB-101 (right now 3.12 is installed). I haven't used the remote software in a while and on a completely different PC. So I downloaded and installed the remote software and connected the unit to my current PC via USB. The PC seems to install a USB driver and I'm prompted by the remote software that a wrong driver has been assigned to the unit. The remote software now tells me it assigns a correct driver and wants me to unplug and replug the VB-101. I do that. Nothing happens - still "Please connect the Torpedo to your computer". I tried rebooting, uninstalling the driver, etc. I tried the procedure on my laptop - the exact same thing happens. The USB cable is 3m long. Works perfectly with other gear. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the help!

Greetings, Till.